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The Itarfand Company was created in 2011 with the slogans of customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and the application of global standards to serve all those who are looking for the best.


Our lead


Use beautiful graphics and user-friendly color schemes and consider UI / UX


Writing the program is completely legible in accordance with the principles of programming


Use the latest architectures of the day to prevent any attack and bug


Optimized programming and the use of superb servers to achieve the highest speed


Full compatibility of sites and apps with all devices


Ability to upgrade all sites and apps in the future and add features to them


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Product Support

Sweetheart is always ready to solve problems

One of the main differences between the design team and other similar groups is that their activities are not restricted to the design of the site and provide a variety of services in this regard. Just as a luxury car can not reach you, a beautiful design can only keep users on your site for a short time. Exterior design is just the first step in the attractiveness of a site, after which the experts of this group will take the technical measures necessary to improve the performance of your web page.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our backing

One of the best ways to check the performance of a group or a specialist is to look at his records and ask his ex-clients what grades they give him. From the very first step that you are requesting to register your website design, experts This collection will contact you and even if you do not have any technical information in this area, You will be provided with the necessary guidance so that the final result is exactly what you wanted.


Highest quality design

Make your business design handy

If until yesterday the apparent charm of these showcases, which at first glance attracted customers, Now these are the first pages of websites and stores that bring users to your business drags. The iTwo team, for this purpose, has a special section for displaying some of its products The website of this collection is considered by reference to which can be a long list of a number From the leading online stores, official news sources and sites owned by well-known companies View the country that has assigned the design of your website to the itarfand team.

First rank in Google search

Shine on the Internet by optimizing the site

Earn money to become branded on the site is a must-have process. Including website design, tailor-made for your business, optimal coding and standardization for your customers. After preparing the website to stage the introduction of your website and services to Internet users, we can use the advertising method The Internet uses various methods of advertising: banner advertising, advertising and advertising. But the best Website Optimization is SEO that is the most enduring ad for your website.


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By subscribing to the site's newsletter, you can get up-front of the annual discounts and contests and make your idea cheaper.

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    If you have an idea in mind and want to implement it, or if you want to launch your site, just fill out the form at the end of your application.

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    Our experts will contact you as soon as possible and give us an idea for free Which you are advising

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    After the project is over, it's time to enjoy the outcome of the work and move towards success


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Project Price

Site Start as 1000 $
    personal site
    Shopping site
    company site
    Services site
    Entertainment site
Software Start as 900 $
    Software in windows
    Accounting software
    management software
    Web software
    Service software
Application Start as 3000 $
    Android apllication
    Apllication web service
    IOS apllication
    Organizational apllication
    Service apllication
Your idea Start as .. $
    Telegram bot
    Site seo
    Website security
    Desgin poster

Help before buying

What is my right domain?

All people first about com. Think if your domain name is with the com extension. It's free If you could not complete the com file. Register a domain. There are other extensions have. Of course, some extensions may be more appropriate for your website, such as us

What is site optimization?

A way to promote a website in order to increase the number of visitors who receive search engines has different aspects of SEO from the words you use on the website to the links that other sites give you, in other words SEO means: Ensuring that the structure of the website is easy to understand for search engines. SEO is not just about search engines, but on the other hand, it means creating a website that is appealing to users.

How is the cost of designing a site and software determined?

This is directly related to your need, maybe you need a simple, low-cost website or a company manager Be great that you want a good website for your business. In any case, the cost of what is supposed to be done Be determined.

What is site support?

Site maintenance and support is a service that allows you to keep your website up to date. Also, the support service will help you increase your traffic and attract many users. Our offer is a custom website maintenance and support service that allows you to edit, update, and manage your website.

What is Online software?

Most users are familiar with Windows software. It means downloading or purchasing software from the Internet and then installing it on your computer and running it. But in web applications or on-line software, the issue is different so that users do not need to install the software and only need a browser and internet line to run the software. They import the data or any input they have through their browser, and after the computation (on the server site), they receive the output through the same browser.

How are software installed?

Since our software products have standard installer stops, non-professional users can also easily install and install any software. Also included with the software is the installation guide and the perfectly-used video. But if needed, this is possible by our experts. Also, softwares are installed on all versions of Windows

I have a mobile compatible site. Do I need an app too?

Access to the Mobile Website is done through a mobile browser, while a Native App is installed by the user on the device. The app loads faster and thus saves you time with customers. Communicating with customers through sending notifications is another benefit of using the mobile app against the website

How can we provide an app to customers?

We will place your app on different markets like the Google Play Store or App Store

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